Annual Winter Yeshivacation Opens to All Women

Every year, Machon Chana’s Winter Yeshivacation brings warmth and inspiration to the winter break of college students and women from all over the world. This year, their expanded program will be open to everyone from the comfort of your home.

Winter Yeshivacation has brightened and brought warmth and inspiration to the winter break of College students and women for several decades and marked the beginning of a journey into serious learning and the world of Chassidus for hundreds of women. This year Machon Chana has enhanced and expanded this renowned program for Jewish Women of all ages and all stages and made it accessible without having to leave their homes and pay for expensive plane tickets. Both nshei women and mekuravim are invited to join us in an intensive Program of Chassidic learning, self-discovery and personal growth!

This year we are offering a comprehensive study program in Judaic thought and life, through the lens of Torah and Chassidic teachings for women who wish to learn more about their Jewish identity, or advance their Torah knowledge or just get a spiritual booster shot. There are five days of learning planned and you are welcome to participate in one or all of these classes taught by experts in five areas of Women’s study:

Sunday, December 27th – The Feminine Mystique
Probe our deepest realms as Jewish women through a day of Chassidus classes structured to help us develop joy & bitachon, understand our special connection as women with Prayer, the Kabbalistic explanations of women as malchus and a thorough understanding of tznius.

Monday, December 28 – Women’s Mitzvot
Each weekday begins with the beautiful study of the Chasunah maamar , Lecha Dodi with Rabbi Moshe Kaplan . We continue the day with a comprehensive study of Mitzva of yichud, a understanding of Mitzvos women obligated in and those they are exempt from, a further explanation of how to connect through Davening and a class on raising children with love and imbuing them them with a proper fear of G-d.

Tuesday, December 29 – Shabbos
Most of us enjoy Shabbos, without having studied the deep Chassidic meanings behind Shabbos as a day of rest, taking proper advantage of holiness our souls are experiencing and how they are truly a peek into the era of Moshiach. Our expert teachers will provide uplifting perspective on the holiness of the Shabbos day from a women’s view, elevating Shabbos meals from a mystical perspective, with insight to how Shabbos hastens the coming of Moshiach. 

Wednesday, December 30 – Marriage
Learn and share the eternal Jewish wisdom of creating a happy Jewish marriage. Subjects include insights of the Jewish Mother as represented by Rochel Imenu, the subtle and powerful mitzvot of hair covering and mikvah, and both big picture and subtleties acknowledging G-d as a partner in our marriage. These are all pathways for peace and unity in our homes and marriages.

Thursday, December 31 – Kashrus – We are What We Eat
Today we complete four sessions of learning Lecha Dodi, an underlying theme to our Yeshivacation program this year! We learn the role and merit of women via the Kabbalah of Kashrus as well as a demonstration and instruction of checking vegetables for insects, and important discussions of Pas, Bishul, Yayin and Cholov Yisroel and laws associated with each. We wrap up this full day with the mitzvah of candle lighting, both the specific halachos and the transformative opportunities this mitzvah presents.

The program will be taught Sunday through Thursday beginning with a daily Chassidus class : Sunday at 9:30 and rest of the week at 8:00 am and continue from 10:15 till 3:00 all on ET.

For those available only evenings, Yeshivacation will join Evening classes at Machon Chana Sunday, Tuesdays, Thursdays (7:00- 9:00) in Marriage Communication, Taharas Hamishpacha, Maamar, Rebbes Insights into Rashi, Gemorah and Moshiach & Geulah.

Our international slate of presenters include: Rabbis Nissan Dubov, Shlomo Sternberg, Moshe Kaplan, Daniel Green, Naftali Silverberg, Michael Seligson, Kalman Weinfeld, Yosef Hazdan, Zushe Silverstein, Chanania Hoffinger. Mrs. Chanie Avtzon, Tzameret Borowitz, Hentcha Zavdi, Sara Dubov, Sara Raizel Wagner, Rivkah Holzman, Chaya Weinfeld, Mariasha Dijon

Detailed agenda and class outlines are available below.

Registration for Online Participation is only $100 for the week. Costs for individual days are only $25 and classes $4 are also available online. The registration link is here. For further information and scholarships WhatsApp or call 3472000632.

To register:

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