Antwerp Mesivta Makes Annual Trip to the Rebbe

As every year, talmidim at the Antwerp Mesivta were privileged to travel to the Rebbe, where they spent several days enriched by special farbrengens.

As every year, talmidim at the Antwerp Mesivta were privileged to travel to the Rebbe, where they spent several days enriched by special farbrengens.

The students earned their trip to the Rebbe for Shabbos Parah through suitable preparations, including studying a large portion of Masechta Bava Basra, in-depth learning of the Rebbe’s Torah, and shmiras hasedorim.

After special preparations involving learning the Rebbe’s Torah and farbrengens with local mashpiim, the bochurim were ready to go. The yeshiva’s founder and head mashpia, Rabbi Shabtai Slavaticki, discussed how a bochur should prepare for traveling to the Rebbe and how to enter into yechidus today. Rabbi Mendel Gurary, the Rebbe’s shliach to the city, shared experiences from his years by the Rebbe and how to approach 770 and the Ohel with the proper reverence.

The bochurim traveled with their rosh yeshiva, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Tevardovitz, and mashpia, Rabbi Yehoshua Rabinovitch. During the trip, the students had the opportunity to learn and be in 770, the Rebbe’s room, and the Rebbe’s house.

On Thursday night, they had a farbrengen with Rabbi Levi Garelik, who shared personal interactions that he and his father, Rabbi Gershon Mendel a”h, had with the Rebbe. To convey the experience, Rabbi Garelik brought out letters and items he received from the Rebbe’s holy hands.

Rabbi Sholom Ber Bruchshtat spoke to them about the niggunim he composed for the Rebbe’s kapitlach, and Rabbi Levi Wilmovsky shared about his father, Reb Zusha a”h, the Rebbe’s partisan, encouraging the bochurim in Ahavas Yisrael and devotion to their mission.

For Shabbos, the bochurim stayed by the Ohel where they had a special farbrengen with Rabbi Moshe Klein, who captivated the students with stories about the Rebbe.

On Sunday, they toured the Rebbe’s library with a wonderful lesson from Rabbi Berel Levin about the connection between Sukkos and Pesach and the halachos derived from this connection, delivered in an organized manner, reinforcing the study of halacha, especially the upcoming Pesach.

On Sunday evening, a special farewell meal was held at the house of the philanthropist R’ Berel Junik, where he inspired the bochurim to engage in spreading the wellsprings in their city of Antwerp. Later, Rabbi Kalman Weinfeld captivated the bochurim with memories of his time by the Rebbe. The farbrengen was full of chayus and dancing, celebrating the privilege of being connected to the Rebbe and with the faith that Moshiach is coming imminently.

The yeshiva administration thanked Hatomim Moshe Weinfeld, who meticulously organized the trip. Thanks to the philanthropist R’ Moshe Rubashkin, who assisted throughout the stay and provided food for the yeshiva students.

The journey is the result of the Mivtza Torah program led by Rabbi S. Koritz, and thanks to the generous donation of Mr. Oded Shapira and family.

We pray that next time, we will merit to see and hear the Rebbe with the coming of Moshiach.

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