Animated Video Explains Fast of Gedaliah

Using a blend of audio effects, custom-drawn illustrations, and a good dose of humor, Shazak released an entertaining video and comic book to tell the story of the Fast of Gedalia.

Now that Rosh HaShanah is over, it’s time for a fast day that is probably the least understood.

Tzom Gedaliah is shrouded in mystery, even the date of the murder of Gedaliah is debated amongst our Sages – whether it happened on Rosh HaShana and was pushed to the 3rd of Tishrei or it actually occurred on the 3rd of Tishrei. 

But what exactly happened? What is the story and why do we fast?

For the first time, Shazak has now released a comic book downloadable pdf version of the Fast of Gedaliah Story and a 6 minute entertaining video in the famous, unique Shazak style. 

Click here to watch the video.

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