…And We’re Live! Win a Trip to Israel for 2!

Keren Meir’s annual summer raffle is live! Win 2 roundtrip tickets to Eretz Yisrael + a weekend stay at the Mamilla Hotel.

It’s summer, and you’re dreaming of a getaway.

Not just any getaway: a trip to our Holy Land. A sun-soaked, fun-filled, inspiring trip with delicious eats and a palpable soul connection.

Picture this: you land in Eretz Yisrael and take it all in. You and your plus-one go for a Shabbos stroll to the Koisel, walking through twisting cobblestone alleyways and arches made of Jerusalem stone. You get all the fresh falafel you can eat, browse for spices in the shuk, and enjoy the glorious Mediterranean summer.

It’s a dream, but you can make it a dream come true. All it takes is a ticket to the Keren Meir Summer Raffle. Win two roundtrip tickets to Israel and a weekend stay at the Mamilla Hotel in the heart of Yerushalayim.

It’s more than just a first-class vacation: your ticket enables Keren Meir to bring the study of Torah and Chassidus to thousands of yidden from all backgrounds.

Keren Meir was established 7 years ago to perpetuate the crucial work of Rabbi Meir Roness A”H, who dedicated his life to fulfilling the Rebbe’s call to make the teachings of Chassidus accessible to whoever wished to learn it, no matter their limitations or specific accommodations.

Keren Meir continues this important work by sponsoring over 100 shiurim a month, organizing farbrengens, and disseminating the Rebbe’s sichos to enrich the lives of any Yid who has a desire and will to explore the teachings of Chassidus.

Countless neshamos have been positively influenced through the efforts of Keren Meir through your generous partnership. Become a partner and enable thousands more by participating in the Keren Meir Summer Raffle in support of this vital endeavor.

Join us today: kerenmeir.net

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