And the Winner of the 770 Yeshiva Raffle Is…

The 770 Yeshiva Auction has come to a close and the lucky winner of the $25,000 cash prize has been drawn and announced. 

Thousands of individuals from around the world joined together in support of the 770 Yeshiva.

The funds raised throughout the campaign will enable the Yeshiva to provide the best possible atmosphere in which their hundreds of students will be able to learn and farbreng, fortifying themselves and preparing themselves to march forth and illuminate the world. 

The lucky winner of the $25,000 cash prize has been drawn and announced.

Congratulations to: Rabbi Yehuda Leib Raskin from Melbourne Australia.

Thank you to everyone who showed up for the 770 Yeshiva and participated in the campaign. 

May Hashem bless you in kind with unlimited brachos, health, success and much nachas from your loved ones!

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