Anash of Houston Join Together For Beautiful Siyum

The anash of Houston, Texas were addressed by multiple community members and shluchim in an inspiring and motivating program celebrating the siyum Harambam.

Chabad Lubavitch center of Houston hosted a beautiful siyum Harambam for shluchim and anash of the Houston, Texas area. At the event, the assembled were addressed by members of anash who shared their journey through Rambam, and heard inpiring stories of the Rebbe on the topic.

The event was led by Rabbi Chaim Lazaroff who was the program’s MC. He introduced the Rebbe video that was shown next, a compilation of miraculous dollars of the Rebbe people received in connection with limud Harambam.

The legendary shliach Rabbi Shimke Lazaroff led the siyum by concluding the last words of Rambam aloud, followed by Asher Moshe Belles who stared the new cycle of Rambam by reading the beginning words of the first chapter.

The first speaker to address the crowd was Ben Shlyapobersky who shared his journey to Rambam that started out in a Brisker yeshiva and then transferred to Chabad and the daily learning cycle. Abe Rogatsky then shared his experience with learning three perakim a day and how to keep motivated with such a large amount of daily learning.

Rabbi Shmuli Slonim shared inspiring words next, followed by Rabbi Mendy Feigenson who shared his recollection from his first siyum he participated in, in Mem Hey, which was celebrated in Fez, Morocco in the Rambam’s house. Later, at the Rebbe’s farbrengen, they brought mashke to Rebbe from the siyum in Fez and got brachos from the Rebbe.

Rabbi Betzalel Marinovsky spoke as well, and then Rabbi Moishe Traxler made a raffle for a set of Rambam to anyone who commits to learning for the coming year. The community members left uplifted and inspired to recommit to their daily learning for the next cycle.

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