Anash of Boca Celebrate Rambam Completion

The Anash community in Boca Raton gathered Motzei Shabbos to celebrate the Siyum HaRambam with guest speaker Rabbi Ruvi New and Rambam translator Rabbi Eliyahu Touger.

On Motzei Shabbos, Anash of Boca Raton gathered in the Boca Raton Synagogue for a grand Siyum HaRambam and farbrengen.

The Siyum was arranged by Rabbi Moshe Wolvovsky, a Shliach and director of the Wisdom Circle, who shared a sicha of the Rebbe and was the master of ceremonies for the event. 

Rabbi Yosel Gerlitzky, Rabbi Levi Plotkin and Rabbi Eliyahu Touger spoke and shared words of inspiration. Rabbi Touger later that night farbrenged and shared the background of how the 20-year project of translating the Rambam into English came to be.

Rabbi Ruvi New – the keynote speaker, farbrenged and shared words of Torah from the Rebbe Rashab in honor of Beis Iyar and spoke about the revolution the Rebbe started with learning Rambam.

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