Anash Mivtzah Matzah in Overdrive Around the World

93 Anash communities, and tens of thousands of matzah boxes are the current numbers of the grand Mitzvah Matza taking place this year ahead of the Rebbe’s 120th birthday.

It is Shabbos Mevorchim Nissan and all around the world, 93 Anash communities are ramping up their Mivtzah Matzah efforts as part of Or Vechom’s campaign in honor of Yud Alef Nissan. Tens of thousands of matzah boxes have been ordered with more coming in each day. The initiative has reached communities from London to France, in Albany, Inverrary, Crown Heights, and Chicago. In Monsey alone, eleven shuls are participating.

Together with other projects, the Mivtzah Matzah initiative is a segment of Or Vechom’s plans for the Rebbe’s upcoming 120th birthday. Dubbed on the organization’s website as, “A collective gift to the Rebbe from Anash communities worldwide,” the goal is to take Mivtzah Matzah to a whole new level. “Typically people look at Mivtzah Matzah as something for shluchim and bochurim to do, but here are thousands of anash committing to give Shmurah Matzah to their colleagues, neighbors, or acquaintances,” says Mordechai Rosenzweig “The potential here is infinite.”

As one of the first mivtzoim of the Rebbe and with the timing of the Rebbe’s birthday, the enthusiasm to join the mivtzah has been so powerful that supplies sold out fast. Organizers have just ordered an additional printing of thousands more  custom-designed matzah boxes. These boxes, as well as a limited supply of complementary matzah for Anash communities taking part in this mivtzah for the first time can be ordered at

Communities and shuls can still sign up to take part in this initiative, a practical and accessible way for every community member to get involved in the Rebbe’s mivtzah. Or vechom’s resources make it even easier. Ready-made PR resources make it easy to market the mivtzah to everyone in your community, while information packets give every participants the words to explain the importance of shmura matzah. The beautifully designed boxes and messaging wrap the mivtzah in classy and attractive packaging that will appeal to recipients.

Get your community involved today and join this easy and important global gift to the Rebbe.  

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