Anash and Bochurim Spend Yom Kippur at the Rebbe’s Ohel

Well over 1,000 anash and bochurim spent Yom Kippur at the Rebbe’s Ohel, with many braving the rain to daven outside in proximity to the Ohel.

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Well over 1,000 anash and bochurim spent Yom Kippur 5784 at the Rebbe’s Ohel, with many Crown Heights residents and visitors from other communities traveling to spend the day in the Rebbe’s daled amos.

In the hours before Yom Kippur, hundreds began arriving and making the final preparations for the day including malkos, mikvah, and mincha. A generous seudas hamafsekes was served by the Ohel for all those who had arrived.

In the final moments before Yom Tov, hundreds gathered in the third tent to watch a video of the Rebbe’s birchas habonim, while sure that the Rebbe continues to grant us his brachos today as well.

Two minyonim were held for tefilos, one near the actual Ohel, with the chazan and baal korei standing in the antechamber of the Ohel, and the large crowd spilling out from there into the surrounding sidewalks, despite the non-stop rain. A second minyan was held in the tents, with hundreds more davening there.

At the conclusion of the fast, mezonos and orange juice was provided by the Ohel in great abundance, allowing for all those who were there to break their fast.

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