An Unnatural Quiet, Followed by a Storm

For Bikur Cholim of Crown Heights, this past year was unlike any other. The devastation of isolation resulted in a dramatic increase in requests for urgent mental health support. When a family turns to Bikur Cholim, they are turning to you.

Having served the Crown Heights community for decades, Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Bikur Cholim of Crown Heights has faced many heart-wrenching situations and complex medical crises that required all types of carefully organized assistance. Our volunteers are in constant motion, responding to the needs of critically ill patients and their families with sensitive and personalized support.

This past year was unlike any other, and for the first time in Bikur Cholim’s history, the phone lines stopped ringing, and activity basically ceased. The generous volunteers, who usually prepare and deliver home-cooked meals, were unable to share their food as strict social distancing went into effect; volunteer drivers, who usually transport patients to and from appointments and procedures, had no rides to give as non-emergency medical care was put on hold; financial assistance, which usually pours from the Bikur Cholim account, sat idle as the usual amount of requests dwindled and non-covid related medical care was essentially put on hold; volunteer visitors, who regularly spread joy and laughter by visiting hospital and homebound patients, were asked to stay away as those considered vulnerable were strictly isolated.

This eerie lull lasted a few weeks. And then the storm hit. Coronavirus spread like wildfire and completely overwhelmed the community. Once again, people needed support while their loved ones struggled with critical illness. Chronic conditions and long-term illnesses could not be ignored for long. And perhaps the most alarming of all, there was a sudden and dramatic increase in requests for urgent mental health support.

Grief over those lost, the devastation of isolation, a loss of income for many who are already in precarious situations, and general anxiety over uncertainty of the future are just a few of the factors that trigger mental health conditions or exacerbate existing ones. We cannot explain why this is happening, but we are witnessing a significant change in the medical needs of the community. Mental health support has become paramount!

Unfortunately, mental health treatment is very expensive and often excluded from insurance coverage. Many cannot afford to get the help they desperately need. As always, our community takes care of its own. When a family in crisis turns to Bikur Cholim for help, they are turning to you. It is only through your support that we can continue this vital work. 

In the next 36 hours, Bikur Cholim aims to raise $360,000. With the generous backing of our benefactors, each donation will be tripled. This generous matching campaign has been funded by volunteers & friends of Bikur Cholim; L’ilui Nishmas Ahron Yakov ben Leah – a giant of a man who exemplified the true meaning of giving tzedaka in the most humble of ways, Aron & Shani Pinson, Maimon & Ruth Kirschenbaum, L’ilui Nishmas Raizel bas Leib, and @Perfectionistmommy. 

Please click here now to participate in this urgent campaign to help RCM Bikur Cholim of Crown Heights continue to offer Hope, Help and Healing to the Crown Heights community. So many of our friends and neighbors are counting on Bikur Cholim’s support. Collectively, we can face this challenging time and grow stronger, together.

We are honored to bear the Rebbetzin’s name and to carry on her legacy of discreet chessed. As we commemorate Chof Beis Shvat, let us solidify our connection to the Rebbetzin, and with Hashem’s help and the Rebbe’s brachos, by giving well we will be well, and those who need it will get well now!

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