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The Rebbe’s vision.

Our mission.

You might not remember it being any different, but mikvah observance wasn’t always like this.

And by “this,” we mean openly (and sensitively) discussed, properly taught, and made easily accessible to the people. Mivtza Taharas Hamishpacha, which was introduced by the Rebbe in 5735 (1975), revolutionized the world of mikvah education and turned it into the phenomenon it has become today.

The Rebbe’s passion for this mivtza inspires us everyday at It is the fuel for every project we undertake, every workshop we produce, and every life that we touch.

Today, on Yud Shvat, we’re continuing our work to further the Rebbe’s vision and passion for taharas hamishpacha. Our annual auction helps keep going so we can keep providing important mikvah tools and resources to thousands of women.

Your partnership enables us to keep bringing to the people. Together, we’re turning the Rebbe’s vision into reality.

In honor of Yud Shvat and our shared passion to continue the Rebbe’s mission, we’re offering an exclusive deal: 

For the next 12 hours, join the Auction and get a chance to win every single prize for only $350 (regular price $470)!

Buying your tickets is easy:

  • Got to
  • Select the $470 prize package.
  • Apply coupon code YUDSHVAT at checkout
  • Get all tickets for just $350
  • Support Mivtza Taharas Hamishpacha in one easy click!

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