An Elegant Solution to the Shabbos Key Conundrum

Did you ever leave your house just before Shabbos and suddenly realize that without a key you’ll be locked out? The solution is a fashionable KeyBelt that will allow you to take your key with you.

Has this ever happen to you? You leave your house just before Shabbos, well dressed, neat, with a fashionable tie, a brand-name watch, and freshly shined shoes…

And then you realize, oh no! The key! What should you do with the key? Put it in the electricity box, or under the mat? Thieves will be delighted!
Wear it on an elastic around yourself? Not so pretty, and not so comfortable.

What are you going to do?

Worry no longer! You can look good and have your key on you at the same time!

Now on the market: a genuine leather KeyBelt, fashionable and convenient.

Our company has invested in the Key Belt hundreds of hours of development, modeling and design to receive a perfect and elegant response to the Halachic and fashion aspects. The Key Belt is purchased by Shabbos observant Jews from all over the world who enjoy an efficient, convenient and fashionable solution.

Made from quality leather and available in a range of sizes, the KeyBelt is fitted with a special buckle with a removable prong, to allow you to use your key as an integral part of your belt.

Approved by Mishmeres Hashabbos and by the author of Orchos Shabbos, the KeyBelt is a most mehudar solution to carrying your key on Shabbos.

For one week only, a 20% off discount is available on all KeyBelt purchases.

Visit, or contact us directly at [email protected] or by phone +9722.372.4036 and enjoy the peace of mind of having your key with you even on Shabbos.

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