American Rabbis Daven at the Site of Massacre at Zikim Beach

A group of rabbis gathered to daven at the murder site of Daniel Kimenfeld, a young man who was murdered by Hamas terrorists.

A few weeks after Simchas Torah, a group of 28 Chabad Rabbis from all over the world traveled to Israel to reach out to the families who were mourning those who were killed, or waiting to hear from those who were captured.

The Rabbis went to the home of the Kiminfeld family to console them during Shiva for the loss of Daniel Kimenfeld who was murdered by the Hamas terrorists on Zikim Beach and after they killed Daniel they threw a grenade in his face so the family would not be able to identify the body. After 2 weeks of DNA testing, Daniel was identified. 

The Rabbis wanted to go the place where Daniel was murdered to daven for him to have an aliyas neshama. Unfortunately the Zikim Beach is a war zone & closed off to civilians. Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz, one of the rabbis in the group, reached out the IDF to receive permission to enter the zone.

The IDF sent a delegation of army rabbis to accompany them, and together they witnessed the horrific site of the massacre and offered tefilos in the bomb shelter where several Israelis were murdered hy”d.

May G-D wipe away all the evil from the world & May the world merit to G-Ds full revelation with Moshiach where all the departed Souls will be reunited with their families. 

Here pictures of the Shiva Visit by the Rabbis & the Shiva notice on the door. 

Video of the Memorial service.

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