Alumni to Match Next $125k for Wagner Campaign

A group of generous alumni of Rabbi Akiva Wagner have banded together and for the next 24 hours will be matching funds dollar for dollar up to $125,000.00 for the campaign to support the Wagner family.

The recent passing of beloved Toronto Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Akiva Wagner passing, along with the other recent tragedies, has left us in deep sorrow and reflection.

The loss of Rabbi Wagner is a devastating blow to our community and to the thousands of individuals worldwide who were influenced and inspired by him.

A group of generous alumni have banded together and for the next 24 hours will be matching funds dollar for dollar up to $125,000.00

The stories of Rabbi Wagner’s life are visible all around us. His impact, his teachings, and his inspiring spirit are evident in the lives he touched, the people he mentored, and the communities he built. Yet, there is one story that is close to our hearts right now, one that requires our immediate attention and action.

Rabbi Wagner leaves behind his wife and twelve children. In the face of this immense loss, they must now find a way to move forward. While we cannot alleviate much of their pain, we have the power to help secure their financial future.

We ask you today to dig deep and do what you can to support them. Any amount, no matter how small, will make a significant difference. Please donate at:

Furthermore, if you are someone who was impacted by Rabbi Wagner, who found inspiration in his teachings or his actions, please help spread this message. Share it within your networks, with your friends, colleagues, and family. Let’s come together and ensure that Rabbi Wagner’s family is supported during this trying time.

“בלע המות לנצח – דאלאי גלות!” – “Death will be swallowed up forever – Enough golus!”

Thank you for your time and generosity.

A Grateful Alumnus
The Wagner Family
The Mogilevsky Family
Nosson and Rivky Lang
Yossel and Shira Avtzon
The Kalmenson Family
A Grateful Alumnus
A Grateful Alumnus

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