Alter Rebbe’s Yahrzeit Observed in Muslim Kingdom

Three Lubavitchers from Eretz Yisroel – Avigdor Factor, Yossi Lipsh, and Moshe Raichman, traveled to the tiny Muslim Kingdom of Bahrain to print the Tanya on the Alter Rebbe’s yahrzeit of Chof Daled Teves.

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Three Chabad Chasidim from Ramat Bet Shemesh – Avigdor Factor, Yossi Lipsh, and Moshe Raichman traveled to Manama, Bahrain to print the Tanya on the Alter Rebbe’s yahrzeit of Chof Daled Teves.

This is the 7,755 edition of the Tanya printed in the world after the Rebbe instructed Chasidim to print the Tanya in every location globally with a Jewish community, in order to ‘purify the air’ and conquer the world spiritually.

“I have been doing business with Bahrain for fifteen years”, shared Moshe Raichman, “and realized that this was likely one of the last active Jewish communities globally that has yet to have a Tanya printed. After the Bahrain synagogue was restored and the Abraham accords were signed, this was the perfect opportunity to make it happen”.

Jews have been living in Bahrain since the 2nd Temple period. In 1880, Iraqi Jews traveling to India stopped in Bahrain on the way, liked what they saw, and decide to settle there. The ancestors of those settlers make up the community, the oldest contemporary community in the Gulf region. The Kingdom is very tolerant to Jews, and three of its members have served in the national parliament.

Yossi Lipsh said “It was an elevating experience to participate in this printing on the Alter Rebbe’s Yahrzeit. We took the fresh pages of the printing and learned them in the beautifully restored ‘Ten Commandments’ Synagogue. The dream was realized.”

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