Alter Rebbe’s Descendants Gather for Yearly Event

Photos: Mendy Kurant

Hundreds of descendants of the Alter Rebbe gathered on Motzei Shabbos, for the annual melaveh malka held in honor of Chof Daled Teves.

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Photos: Mendy Kurant

At the conclusion of Shabbos, hundreds of descendants of the Alter Rebbe gathered at the Gutnick Hall in Yerushalayim, for an annual melaveh malka which is held every year around Chof Daled Teves.

Rabbi Yosef Hartman, opened the eveing with reading the Rebbe’s letter to the inagural gathering of the Alter Rebbe’s descendants

Rabbi Zelig Althaus, mashpia in Tomchei Temimim Lod and a ninth generation descendand of the Alter Rebbe, chaired the event.

The keynote address was delivered by Rabbi Yosef Zvi Halevi Segal, Rosh Kollel Tzemach Tzedek, who shared a number of profound teahings of the Alter Rebbe, and offered some practical suggestion on deepening the bond between all the descendants.

At the conclusion of the evening, a raffle was held among the participants, for the zchus of representing all of the descendants on Chof Daled Teves at his ohel in Haditch and to deliver the pan klali on their behalf. The winner of the raffle was Rabbi Yisroel Deitch, son of Rabbi Mendel Deitch a”h who used to oversee activities at the Alter Rebbe’s tziyun in Haditch.

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