All Your Purim Questions, Answered

Have unanswered Halachic questions about Purim? The ‘Ask the Rav’ website, collected all of their most commonly asked Purim questions, into a single, easy to navigate database.

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The ‘Ask the Rav’ website collected all of their most commonly asked Purim questions into a single, easy-to-navigate database. These include common questions regarding Machatzis Hashekel, Taanis Esther, Mishloach Manos, Megillah, Matanos L’Evyonim, the Seudah and costumes.

The website features thousands of Halachic Questions and Answers, answered by a team overseen by Harav Yosef Braun of the Crown Heights Beis Din, and directed by Rabbi Levi Goldgrab.

“We know how valuable your time is, so to make sure you have all of your halachic Purim questions figured out, we have divided all of the Purim questions from our database into easy to navigate format,” the Ask the Rav team said.

Megilla reading:

Seudas Purim

Mishloach Manos and Matanos L’evyonim

More Common Purim Questions

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