All Smiles on First Day of School in Baltimore

With a bright Baltimore sun shining, hundreds of Cheder Chabad students shouldered brand-new backpacks and headed into the building to begin the new school year.

With a brightly shining Baltimore sun heralding the yom habahir, Chai Elul, hundreds of Cheder Chabad students shouldered brand new backpacks and headed into the building to begin the new school year.

Cheerfully colored beruchim habaim banners and buoyant balloon arches greeted the students at each side of the building, organized by the dedicated PTA mothers Mrs. Ruti Rosenbloom, Mrs. Chana Wolosow, and Mrs. Chaya Chazan.

Each student was warmly welcomed back to school by their division heads, and introduced to their teachers. Mrs. Chanie Raskin and Mrs. Rochel Ceitlin, continuing in their marvelous leadership of the Gan division, and Rabbi Efraim Sorkin and Rabbi Yitzchak Menda, resuming their phenomenal guidance of the boys’ division, prepared their teachers for a year of successful learning. Mrs. Chani Tenenbaum, Mrs. Mussie Chaikin, and Mrs. Rivka Millrod assumed leadership of the girls’ division from Mrs. Chana Pewzner, who dedicated the last five years to Cheder Chabad, leading the girls division to new heights in academic excellence and chassidishkeit. The entire Baltimore community wishes her much hatzlacha in her future endeavors.

Rabbi Elchonon Chaikin, the newly appointed CEO, proudly watched over the proceedings, smoothing any small issues that came up. He worked hand in hand with Rabbi Avrohom Wolowik, who recently retired from his role as C.O.O. of Cheder Chabad, to ensure an effortless segue into the new year. Rabbi Wolowik’s legendary dedication to Cheder Chabad has led the school to where it is today, and the entire school body expresses its gratitude and admiration for Rabbi Wolowik’s devotion.

Cheder Chabad of Baltimore was founded by Rabbi Elchonon Lisbon, the mara d’asra of Congregation Ohel Levi Yitzchok, with just twelve preschool students in a basement. Under his leadership, the school expanded rapidly, and now, fifteen years later, educates over 400 students in a large building, centrally located in the heart of Baltimore’s Jewish community. Cheder Chabad is an affiliate of Chabad of Maryland, led by Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan

Cheder Chabad is now a foundation in the community, uniting shluchim and anash. As the community grows each year, with more and more Chabad families moving to the area to enjoy its low cost of living, affordable housing, and a wide array of kosher and Judaica centers, the school remains the epicenter of Chabad life in Baltimore. The rebbeim and morahs are integral to the community, contributing by volunteering for the Nshei Chabad committee, organizing and giving shiurim and farbrengens, leading mivtzoim activities and hosting community events.

As the students’ smiling faces entered their new classrooms, freshly painted for the occasion, their shining faces exuded excitement for the new year, and the hope for success in their academic, social, and chassidishe education.

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