All-Night Shvi’i Shel Pesach Learning in Crown Heights

In honor of Shvi’i shel Pesach, when Chabad custom is to stay up the entire night, Hadar Hatorah will be hosting a learning marathon starting at 11:30 PM and continuing through 4:30 AM with a number of featured speakers.

Looking for shiurim that will be interesting and exciting to keep you awake on Shvii shel Pesach?  

If you’re in Crown Heights, you can find them at Hadar Hatorah.  With an amazing lineup of speakers with original ideas and inspiring messages, the morning will come and you’ll still be thirsting for more.  

The classes will be in the yeshiva’s new Beis Medrash, located at 824 Eastern Parkway. The entire community is invited.

Line-up of Speakers

11:30 Rabbi Shalom Zirkind, The Fall of Sancheriv

12:30 Rabbi Shloma Majesky, Likutei Torah, ד״ה ששת ימים תאכל מצות

1:30 Rabbi Aryeh Israeli, The Meaning of Pesach 31 Years After the Coming of Moshiach

2:30 Rabbi Ari Wilshansky, Zman Cheiruseinu

3:15 Rabbi Yosef Geisinsky, Shir haShirim, Krias Yam Suf, and the Geula

4:15 Rabbi Yechi Ezagui, Chazaras Da’ch

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