All Night Learning for Crown Heights at Hadar Hatorah

In honor of Shvi’i shel Pesach, when the minhag is to stay up the entire night, Hadar Hatorah will be hosting a learning marathon starting at 12:00 AM and continuing through 4:00 AM with a number of featured speakers.

As in the past, Hadar Hatorah will be hosting shiurim on Shvii shel Pesach to inspire and enjoy, as we stay up all night learning.

The classes will be in the yeshiva’s new Beis Medrash, located at 824 Eastern Parkway, between Kingston and Albany. The entire community is invited.

Line-up of Speakers:

12:00am Rabbi Shalom Zirkind, “Are the souls in Gan Eden really waiting for Moshiach?” 

1:00 Rabbi Shloma Majesky, “In Nissan, we will be redeemed!”

2:00 Rabbi Yoseif Geisinsky, “The prohibition to return to Egypt in today’s day and age – in Halocho and Agodo, and its connection to Krias Yam Suf

3:15 Rabbi Sharon Weiss, “Enjoy learning Chassidus as much as cheesecake”

With the help of a generous sponsor, this year we will iy”H be adding to coffee (optional) to the program, so we can stay awake as we cross the Yam Suf.

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