All Divisions of Monsey Cheder Celebrate Chai Elul

Chai Elul was marked in all divisions of Cheder Chabad Monsey; The preschool, boys’ Cheder and girls’ Cheder with farbrengens, rallies, and assemblies.

This year, Chai Elul is on a Wednesday; the day when the great luminaries were created coincides with the day when the great luminaries were born. Throughout the Cheder buildings, Farbrengens, rallies, and assemblies reverberated.

Rabbi Levi Yarmov inspired the Boy’s Older Division with stories conveying the Baal Shem Tov’s love for Jewish Children. Rabbi Levi Kaplan led a farbrengen with the Middle division, and the Rebbies farbrengened with the Pre-1-A and the young division.

The preschool students enjoyed a Farbrengen in honor of Chai Elul. All the kinderlach looked adorable wearing the crowns that they made. They enjoyed yummy Rugelach and made a lchaim together. They then heard all about Chai Elul and started to learn our preschool theme song.

The Middle School girls started the day davening together. All our Cheder girls had a beautiful program, with the message of “ASHREINU! How lucky we are to be chassidim, Chabad chassidim. Chassidim of this generation of our Rebbe!!!”

The G.O. girls broke out the school year theme: THE GREAT REUNION, Shnas Hakel and taught the school the theme song. Thanks was given to the G.O. girls this year Chana Abenson, Malky Hadad, Ronia Drizin, Raizel Frankel. Shaina Goldberg, Chana Fayge Goldin, Mimi Light and Zeldy Kaplan.

“The chayos of this special day will indeed imbue a chayos in our children for the entire year,” the school’s administration said.

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