All Crown Heights Schools Join Forces To Stall New Guidelines

In the spirit of tremendous achdus, principals and administrators from all of the Anash schools in Crown Heights gathered for an emergency meeting on Sunday to join forces and form a unified front against new guidelines being issued by the New York State Board of Education.

As we all are still absorbing the spiritual effect emanating from Yom Simchaso Shel Rashbi, unbeknown to many, the New York State Board of Education has currently proposed new guidelines that will undermine the foundation and future of our education system. The government is once again proposing to tamper with our pure chinuch, requiring us to adapt aspects that are not in accordance with our Mesora and way of life.  

In the spirit of tremendous achdus, all of the Anash schools gathered for an emergency meeting. There is but one goal- to join forces and form a unified front against these terrible regulations and gzeira!

As we have seen in the past, and as the Rebbe has highlighted many times, together we are stronger, and will not let the ongoing relentless campaign against our traditional Yiddishe way deter us G-d forbid. 

The event was emceed by Rabbi Mendel Blau of Oholei Torah, the principals were addressed by Rabbi Yossi Langsam of United Lubavitcher Yeshiva, community activist R’ Avi Lesches, R’ Sholom Goldstein of Beis Rivkah, Rabbi Mendel Yusewitz of Ohr Menachem, Rabbi Levi Plotkin of Beis Chaya Mushka. The group also heard from professionals on some of the next steps that will be taken to bring awareness of this issue to the community at large. 

The meeting was concluded with a passionate plea by Tzivos Hashem head general, Rabbi Shimmy Winebaum. Rabbi Winebaum stressed upon all principals the significant role that they and their staff will play in helping to get this message out to the students and parents.


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