Aliya Raises the Bar Amid Pandemic

Growing in spite of Covid-19: Aliya will soon open a seventh branch, with its current six providing youth with safe spaces, recreational activities and professional support.

It’s been a little over half a year since aliya opened the doors of its sixth international branch. Between NYC and Melbourne, there are five more autonomous branches of what is now becoming a worldwide name in the youth scene and support for young people.

After three and half years of success directing the Melbourne youth center, Rabbi Mendel Jaffe and his wife Sheina recently moved back to Manchester UK to open another branch of the fast growing organization leaving it in the capable hands of Rabbi Menny Overlander and his wife Clara.

Grown out of Chabad philosophies and initially set up by Rabbi Moshe and Sara Feiglin in Brooklyn, Aliya caters to the youth of the Jewish community, providing a safe and loving environment in a space for young people to socialize, hang out and chill away from the late night dangers of parks, street corners and other inner city rough spots.

Alongside premises filled with music equipment, recreational activities, lounge and work stations and a fully stocked kosher kitchen are just some of the many available facilities on hand alongside professional support , guidance and mentorship and a vast array of other resources to provide what’s best and needed for the youth of our community and any challenges they might be facing.

Working alongside many organizations and projects within the community, Aliya often fills in gaps and helps provide crucial aid and resources to others within the same field.

“The Supper Club” is an incredible weekly project and currently calls Aliya home for its Sunday night event. The popular program is run by Yoel Levenson who describes it as “a much needed space. The feedback has been amazing!”

“The interest and uptake has exceeded our expectations showing how needed this center is for the community,” says Raymond Donn, Chairman of Trustees. Adam B., a regular at Aliya’s programs, says that Aliya has changed his life.

In spite of Covid-19 and intense lockdown regulations from the onset as the organization was starting out, Aliya has still managed to find ways to adapt and work within the legal guidelines to provide a safe environment and array of programs which is currently facilitating already over 120 people throughout the week and is growing at a rapid pace.

“We expect these numbers to double by the time we enter the new year” says Director of Aliya Rabbi Mendel Jaffe. The center is currently open most nights throughout the week till late. “The feedback from the teenagers themselves has been incredible. Everyone is having a great time and loving the vibes” said Chumi Lopian, the girls Program Director.

This new project is only one of the many projects initiated and run by Rabbi Dovid Jaffe and his wife Rochel in the Manchester Jewish community.

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