Alaskan Philanthropist Jerry Green, 88, AH

Mr. Jerry Green, an Alaskan pioneer and furrier, and one of Chabad of Alaska’s largest benefactors, recently passed away.  

Jerry Green, an Alaskan furrier and founding member of the Chabad Lubavitch Alaska Jewish Campus and Museum, passed away Sunday, 27 Sivan, 5782 – June 26, 2022.

He was 88 years old.

Born in Seattle in 1934, he moved to Alaska in 1956 and was a leading force in the growth and establishment of the Alaska Jewish community and served as the President of the Alaska Chabad Lubavitch Campus from its inception in 1991.

In 1972, when the Rebbe sent Rabbi Sholom Ber Levitin to serve as the Head Shlich to the Pacific Northwest, which included Alaska, Jerry Green and his wife Enid were instrumental in welcoming and introducing Rabbi Levitin to the Alaska Jewish Community and cultivated a lasting friendship with the Rebbe’s Shluchim.

Mr. Jerry Green was instrumental in the establishment of the Lubavitch Jewish Center of Alaska with the Rebbe’s Shluchim, Rabbi Yosef and Esty Greenberg and served as the president of Chabad of Alaska until his passing. 

He was a major supporter in every milestone of the growth of Alaska’s Chabad – from purchasing the first Chabad house, to the property of the Mikvah and finally the purchasing of the Chabad Lubavitch Alaska Jewish Campus and Alaska Jewish Museum. 

Mr. Green merited to see the Rebbe in person once in 1986 with Rabbi Levitin and again with Rabbi Greenberg in 1993. He merited to receive several blessings from the Rebbe throughout the years. 

Mr. Jerry Green was very dear to the Rebbe. In 1986, he was invited by Rabbi Levitin to spend Shabbos Mevorchim Sivan by the Rebbe and participate at the Rebbe’s farbrengen. Two weeks later, Rabbi Leibel Groner called Rabbi Levitin and said that the Rebbe is asking “Vi hut Mr. Green farbracht Shabbos in New York?” (“How did Mr. Green enjoy the Shabbos in NY?”).  

After Mr. Green’s passing, Rabbi Greenberg said: “When the history of Judaism in Alaska will be written, Mr. Jerry Green and the Green family will be recognized as pivotal forces behind establishing Judaism in most northern state in the U.S.” 

Head Shliach to Alaska, Rabbi Greenberg added at the time, “Mr. Green’s generosity and his dedication to Yiddishkeit and the Rebbe’s work have enabled countless individuals and families to re-identify with their faith and strengthen their Jewish observance.” 

Mr Jerry Green is survived by his wife, Enid and children, Sara Green, David Green (Anchorage, AK), Max Green (Crown Heights), daughter-in-law Shani Green, and grandchildren, Jack, Jordan and Ruth (Anchorage, AK).He is also survived by his siblings Shirley Bernstein (Seattle Washington), and Perry Green (Anchorage, AK).

He was buried in the Bikur Cholim cemetery in Seattle, Washington.

Baruch Dayan Haemes.

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