Ahavas Chessed Fundraiser Now Needed More than Ever

Rabbi Avraham Lider dedicated his life to helping others and was in middle of organizing the annual Ahavas Chessed fundraiser when he tragically passed away. Now its our turn to help his family.

He was taken from us amid a global pandemic while being at the forefront on behalf of many. 

His wonderful family is left without support. 

Now is the time to remember Reb Avraham “Ish Hachesed.”

Now is the time to remember his family.

Now is the time to remember the “Ahavas Chesed” family. 

On the first night of Rosh Hashana, Reb Avraham Lider, 61, OBM, the great heart behind the “Ahavas Chesed” organization, who for 35 years dedicated his life assisting others with medical emergencies, literally saving lives of thousands, passed away.

Today, stand for Chesed. For Rabbi Lider. For his unwavering lifelong commitment to the health of his community.

Just as Rabbi Lider gave whatever he could of himself for the good of others, today we ask you to give a little of yourself, too.

Every donation makes a difference. 

Join us and give to a family amidst grief. 

Your gift helps the Lider family know they are neither alone nor forgotten by their community as they navigate tremendous loss.

Thank you for your generous donation.

Please donate now

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