After Studying All 613 Mitzvos, Girls Enjoy Action Packed Trip

250 girls from around the world, who learned Kol HaTorah Kula in the Chidon Sefer Hamitzvos, were treated to a 3-day trip filled with fun, inspiration and new friendships. Plus: Who won the gold medal?

250 girls from around the world, who learned Kol HaTorah Kula in the Chidon Sefer Hamitzvos, were treated to a 3-day trip filled with fun, inspiration and new friendships. As girls put it:  “We loved it because we got to meet so many new people, and have so many new fun experiences!”

Their trip began on Monday together with the Chidon Regional Trip. After an exhilarating time at the American Dream Mall, the girls began the Kol HaTorah Kula overnight, organized and run by, Mrs. Sara Piekarski and Mushky Weinbaum

They headed to a hotel where they davened Maariv and went to sleep.

Tuesday’s packed schedule commenced with a special shiur given by Rabbi Shimmy Weinbaum. The girls’ powerful davening was befitting Chidon and was followed by a delicious breakfast. The girls enjoyed swimming and a filling lunch bar. Special thanks to Chaya Mushka Lipskier and her hard working team of runners. 

Torah VR was by far the most fascinating, with girls commenting that they felt like they were in the Bais Hamikdash watching Korbonos being brought on the Mizbeach.

With renewed enthusiasm in bringing Moshiach, the girls learned Chitas together and sat down to write their panim. Taking the time to update the Rebbe about their Chidon accomplishments was an uplifting experience.

The afternoon entertainment included a moon bounce and Chinese supper, followed by Mincha and a relaxing bus ride to Crown Heights. 

Wednesday morning the girls met in 770 for a beautiful Shachris and headed to the Ohel. 

The girls were treated to a thrilling time at the Launch Trampoline Park.

Open air buses transported the girls back to Crown Heights with much cheering and excitement. The girls visited the Rebbe’s room and davened Mincha in 770.

Arriving at the JCM, they walked down the elegant Chidon carpet, making their way to the banquet. The hall was set for a monumental event to celebrate their incredible achievement of learning all 613 Mitzvos! Chidon pride was felt as the girls entered the room for a grand Hakhel celebration on the Siyum HaMitzvos! 

The program began with Tehillim and Pesukim recited by girls from around the world and a Rebbe video on the power of learning Sefer Hamitzvos. The MC, Bryna Horvitz, shared the unique quality of celebrating the Sefer Hamitzvos, known for uniting all Yidden, during this auspicious Hakhel year. Gold trophy winner, Feigi Leichter, from Azerbaijan, spoke about her experience growing up on Shlichus without any other Frum children. She shared how she spent 3 hours daily studying for Chidon, and in addition has learned 17 Perakim of Tanya Ba’al Peh and 16 Mesechtos of Mishnayos Ba’al Peh. The girls expressed their admiration for her perseverance and determination with a resounding round of applause.

Rabbi Weinbaum surprised the participants with a special announcement of a Rebbe dollar raffle for all who would commit to learning Sefer Hamitzvos until the end of the cycle. The lucky winner, Menucha Barber, was presented with the Rebbe’s dollar in a beautiful plaque congratulating her on completing Kol HaTorah Kula!

The girls returned home with a strengthened pride in their personal Yogati Umatzsi Taamin, ready to encourage their younger friends to also “finish all the books”! 

A special thanks to banquet coordinators Malka Bracha Heidingsfeld and Mushky Levitansky and to the on-site directors, Bracha Naparstek, Bryna Horvitz, and Yael Conway. Thank you to Dovi Brikman, Levi Weinbaum, and the KHK runners for all of their assistance throughout Chidon!

VIDEO: Looking to the Future

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