After Ohel and Mitzvos, Father Rescued from Captivity

Just one week ago, the daughter and son-in-law of Luis Harr davened at the Ohel and took upon themselves extra mitzvos at the Shul of Bal Harbor. Last night, their father was freed through a miraculous rescue.

By VINnews

Just one week ago, the daughter of Luis Harr, who was rescued from captivity Monday morning in dramatic fashion by the IDF, came together with her husband to pray at the Rebbe’s Ohel.

The two were hosted by Chabad of Five Towns, and later went to Miami where they spoke movingly to an audience about their ordeal.

The two were asked whether they needed any financial help and they answered that they didn’t require money, just that people should be aware of their plight and pray for their family members. When asked what they felt Israel should do, they replied that “We aren’t proposing to say what should be done, we’re just saying that people should remain aware.”

Then Rebbetzin Chani Lipskar came to the podium and said: “It’s not the government, it’s not the IDF, it’s only Hashem who can provide the solution. I request that you accept upon yourselves some aspect of Torah and Mitzvos, something hard for you so that you can tell Hashem you acted with Mesirus Nefesh (self-sacrifice) and therefore are deserving of a miracle.”

The daughter took upon herself to light candles, and the son-in-law took upon himself to place Tefillin, but asked if it could wait until next week.

Rebbetzin Lipskar said: No, you must start tomorrow, to bring a blessing to your family. The audience then collaborated to buy him a pair of Tefillin, and then the daughter burst into tears and asked if she could receive a pair of Tefillin for her father when he is released. The attendees granted her wish as well.

A week later, Luis has been reunited with his family BH.


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  1. The daughter of one of these men was in NY recently, Chabad of 5 Towns took them to the Ohel. After that they came back to Israel and opened igros kodesh to a letter to Shazar in 5722 where the Rebbe writes that he heard that a certain askan and his colleagues were released from prison!

    Tzahal called the rescue operation “Golden Hand” יד זהב but it’s clearly the Rebbe’s hand at work, B”H!

    1. Rebbes hand or hashems hand ? The rebbe could only be a meiletz yosher. Hashem is the one who does miracles

      1. After having miscarried a number of times, a certain woman asked the Rebbe to bensch her with a bracha for children. The Rebbe gave her some directives and a bracha, but a while later she miscarried again. Greatly disappointed, she asked the Rebbe what had gone wrong. In a handwritten response, the Rebbe wrote, “The couple forgot that it is HaShem Who is the Source of bracha and its deliverer and so on, and placed their trust only in human beings – myself.”

        (אג”ק חכ”ט ע’ ל’, ושם ע’ 19)

      2. Our people have been taught from Biblical times too seek prophets for their miracle work. From the moment G-d appeared to Moses at the Burning Bush, the human has been instructed to perform signs. These anti-science wonders have been rightfully attributed to their performing human, in spite of the obvious.

        It was Elisha’s breath which rose the living. The Bible states that it was Moses’ staff who caused the sea to split. After King Asa’s refusal to go to a prophet to cure his feet, the Bible counts that towards his sins. He was supposed to have sought a cure from the human prophet.

        The same is true for blessings (a phenomenon introduced by the Bible). From the moment G-d appeared to Abraham, he told Him that he has been given a power to bless people.

        Miracles come with signatures. Sometimes the signer is Hashem himself, such as when he killed the firstborns. Or drove our enemies into the waiting sea. But other times the insignia presents as that of a particular human. Each tzadik / mekubal to their style. The insignia of Commitment-for-Blessing, be it Tefilin or a candle, is unique to the Rebbe. That’s a fact.

  2. B’H B’H B’H ! I Heard someone say so wisely that it doesn’t matter what the world thinks , what matters is what HaShem thinks about us . Mitzvas and staying on HaShem’s path is the one and only one way that moves the needle

  3. Beautiful story and so so true..what is expected from us. In fact, on the way to the ER for an emergency angiogram because the one on Thursday had complications…I was told I was in a life threatening crisis. Well here I am texting a comment because Hashem did not need another angel in heaven but I promised Hashem on my way that I would apply to foster a teenage girl. A daughter I never had. We are nothing in Hashems book unless we devote our life to giving and honoring Hashems Commandments and observing Shabbat has become one of my favorite day.
    Baruch Hashem.

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