After-Hours Learning Help for your Child

By reporter

With the excitement and anticipation of the new school year, along comes the familiar struggle.

After a full day of learning, your son comes home – exhausted, yet he still has an evening of homework and studying ahead of him. And after a long day’s work, it can be overwhelming to be the one to assist him every day.

To help your children be more successful in their studies – and to make your life much easier, Yagdil Torah is launching a new pilot program for boys Grade 2 and up.

Your children are welcome to join us in our Heichal Hallimud to study and do homework, and a mashgiach will be around to assist them if they have questions.

Our library has also been updated to include more of the seforim that your children will need.

Heichal Hallimud – 574 Empire Blvd. – Sundays – Thursdays | 4:10 – 7:00 PM
Starting 9 Elul/Sept. 9th.

Please register you son by emailing Yagdil Torah with your name, phone number, child’s name and age, and the time he will likely come to the Heichal.

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