After Fifty Years, I Can Finally Daven

From the inbox: Throughout my five decades as a frum woman, I have struggled with davening. Thanks to Rabbi Oberlander’s shiur, I am finally making it part of my routine.


Following last night’s shiur, I want to extend a big yasher koach to Rabbi Oberlander for his clear explanation of the Alter Rebbe’s view on a woman’s obligation to daven. I am a woman who has been frum for almost 50 years and I have struggled with daily davening all this time. Morning brachos and Shema, I have always said. Shabbos and Yom Tov were never a problem, baruch Hashem.

I appreciated hearing Rabbi Oberlander’s answer, that women are exempt from davening if they are busy with caring for their families, but that if a woman finds time for other things (and who among us doesn’t?) then she should find time to daven as well. I also appreciated that he specified the specific parts a woman is obligated to say – from Emes V’yatziv until after shmona esreh, plus morning brachos, which, he explained, only takes about 4 minutes.

I managed to daven this morning. OK, it took 6 minutes, but for the first time I came out of it with the feeling that I can do this again tomorrow, im yirtza Hashem.

Keep up the good work! You are doing a great public service. Wishing you all the brachos.

To watch Rabbi Oberlander’s shiur, click here.

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