After 40 Cycles, Finally Get it Right

Something’s been missing…and now it’s here: For 40 cycles, English speakers were unable to access the Rambam’s introduction to Sefer Hamitzvos, learned during the first days of a new cycle. Chayenu is setting out to change that.

For the past 40 cycles of Sefer HaMitzvos, there has been an element – which was part of the “Moreh Shiur” (fine print, in the footnotes), but yet was not really ever accessible to English speaking learners of Daily Rambam.

For the first few days of the new cycle of Daily Rambam, while those who study Mishneh Torah (3-chapters-per-day) learn the introduction to the Rambam’s Yad HaChazaka, the parallel track of Sefer Hamitzvos are also supposed to learn the Rambam’s Introduction to Sefer HaMitzvos, where he explains why he wrote the Sefer HaMitzvos.

While most offerings (both in print and online) have thus far offered a concise summary of the Introduction, Chayenu – in partnership with Moznaim Publishers  – is making the full “Introduction to Sefer HaMitzvos” available.

But there is much more:

In the coming days, while the 3-chapters-per-day cycle learn the list of 613 Mitzvos, and the structure of the Mishneh Torah, as enumerated by the Rambam, he parallel track of Sefer HaMitzvos is supposed to cover the “Shoroshim” (sometimes called “Klolim”). These are the Rambam’s 14 Guiding Principles which he determined are essential to arriving at the correct count of 613 Mitzvos.

The Rebbe instructed that during the first few days of the Sefer Hamitzvos study cycle, after learning the Introduction to Sefer Hamitzvos, learners should begin the “Shoroshim“, but because they are lengthy, one should complete them over the following days (e,g. on days when there are less Mitzvos to be learned, etc.)

Now, for the first time, the Full “Shoroshim” are being made available to everyone, to be able to learn the Sefer HaMitzvos fully, unabridged. Until now, the online and print study platforms have offered only a concise summary of these “Shoroshim”.

Now, one can download a PDF with the full (a) Introduction of Sefer HaMitzvos and (b) “Shoroshim (Klolim)”, the Guiding Principles.

This is made possible thanks to Moznaim Publishers / Wagshal, who recently published a brand new Sefer HaMitzvos, of which this section is a sample.

To download the PDFs, visit

Wishing all Rambam learners Hatzlocha in learning the Daily Rambam!
The Team at Chayenu

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  1. Thank you so much!!!! I’ve been looking for something like this for years! Thank you for finally making it available!

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