Adults are the “Reservists” of Tzivos Hashem

R’ Levi Jacobson of Crown Heights launched a unique initiative to have adults join in Mitzvah missions as “reservists” in Tzivos Hashem.

By Levi Jacobson

Monday, 8 Cheshvan 5784

Tzivos Hashem Reservists: Immediate mobilization required. Assemble and join forces in our mission in the war of Hashem. Your service and dedication are vital. Stand ready and united. We salute you for joining the war!

A mere week and a half ago, this call to action was sent out on my WhatsApp status.

Today, our ranks boast 2 battalions with 1,670 dedicated reservists and counting, BH. Our collective achievements? A staggering 5,563 missions were completed with an additional 1,017 commitments for Monday.

Time is relentless. Moments of significance can swiftly become distant memories. Yet, the events of this Simchas Torah are unforgettable. In the wake of such profound challenges, our response must be formidable. We aim to obliterate all evil, once and for all.

The Rebbe’s message is clear: the physical war is completely dependent on the spiritual war. It’s true that the Tzivos Hashem emphasis must be on the children, but what about the adults?

By Yetzias Mitzrayim the Torah says[1], “ויהי בעצם היום הזה יצאו כל צבאות ה’ מארץ מצרים.” The children were the first, but to get out of Golus every Yid needs to join the war as Tzivos Hashem.

In our admin-only WhatsApp group, every day we commit to a new military operation, missions of the most powerful forces of all – Torah, Avoda, and Gemilus Chasodim – driven by Simcha, Achdus, and Bitachon. After we complete our missions, we mark our missions complete to share and be encouraged by our huge collective accomplishments. 

A few days ago, 403 reservists completed a mission to learn a Halacha.

So, Tzivos Hashem Reservists, this isn’t merely an invitation. It’s a fervent call to arms, a call to action.

Our actions as Tzivos Hashem Reservists will bring miracles upon miracles and total victory with Moshiach Tzidkeinu teikef umiyad mamosh!

Join the war now:

[1] Shmos 12:41

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