‘Adon Haselichot’ Heard in 770

Photos: Dovber Hechtman/Anash.org

An unusual scene unfolded on Monday morning in 770 when a group of 15 businessmen from Los Angeles recited selichos in the traditional Sefardi nussach.

Photos: Dovber Hechtman/Anash.org

A group of 15 businessmen from Los Angeles paid an inspirational visit to New York ahead of Rosh Hashana.

The group visited 770 and the Rebbe’s room, where they spent a few minutes davening. Later in the day, they traveled to the Rebbe’s Ohel in Queens to pray for a good year.

One of the highlights of the trip was reciting morning selichos in 770 according to the Sefardi nussach. Likely the first minyan of its kind in 770.

The group was led by Rabbi Yossi Malka from Tarzana, CA.


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  1. Exactly what the Rebbe wanted, that every Jew should retain his individual identity and family Minhagim, while still being connected to the Rebbe and Chasidus Chabad, and feeling comfortable practicing their Minhagim in 770

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