Achos Online Gearing Up for Fruitful Year

Achos Hatmimim Online, the teen program that infuses the joy and energy of Chassidus into the daily life of teen girls around the world, is gearing up for the 13th year.

It’s Back to School Season- and Achos Online is starting right on time!

As the leaves change colors and the sunny summer days come to a close, school is on everyone’s mind. Many girls are coming back from a month or two in sleepaway camp, where they received a boost of Chassidishkeit and motivation for their year ahead. They are excited to talk about their experiences with their friends at school, and driven to keep the Hachlatos they took on in camp. Their teachers, Bnos Chabad heads/ Shluchos and friends will keep that spark shining until it’s time for camp again, with programs like Achos Hatmimim, Hachanos and after-school events.

But for some girls, summer is their only chance to be with other Lubavitch girls, and feel the Chassidishe atmosphere. These Lubavitch girls, many of them Shluchos, attend non-Chabad schools, or small day schools, and don’t have easy access to Chassidishe inspiration.

Twelve years ago, a camper in teen camp- a shlucha who attended a non-Chabad school, along with her bunkmates, dreamed of a solution for this challenge. After summer, one of her bunkmates made it a reality. And that’s how Achos Online was born.

Every year brought about new developments and additions to this amazing program, and last year’s exponential growth (Over 40 girls from 3 countries and 15 states joined!) has us excited for what 5782 will bring!

This year’s theme is Chassidus: It’s my Life.

The Hayom Yom of Chof Daled Teves reads: “חֲסִידוּת אִיז חַיּוּת. אַרַיינְטְראָגעֶן אַ חַיּוּת אוּן בּאַלַייכְטעֶן אַלץ” – “Chassidus is vitality, bringing energy and light into everything…”.

At Achos Online this year, we will be focusing on the joy and energy that Chassidus infuses into our daily life. During Tishrei, we will pack our boxes, and throughout the year, we will unpack the boosts of Chassidishe warmth that we have picked up, with monthly mailed packages, themed checklists, Zoom Farbrengens, Chavrusa learning, and incentives.

Are you a Lubavitcher girl in grades 7-12, who attends a school that doesn’t offer the Achos Hatmimim program? Join us for the ride!

Sign up today on our updated website! For any questions, or to hear about Achos Online for groups/ schools, email us at [email protected] or call\text us at 310-905-2150.

Register by Yud Elul to receive your Tishrei package!

Here’s what girls are saying…

“… It used to be barely a day with all the chitas, now hardly a day goes by that I don’t do it… Now instead of chatting during mincha recces, not only do I do mincha, but also do / finish my chitas. I have also taken upon myself to watch a Rebbe video daily…” – -8th Grader

“Thank you so so much for the best year ever!

Before the school year I was very sad to start with almost no chassidishkeit.

Achos really helped me! Thank you for all you do!”

-8th grader

“Something I found extra nice was the amazing graphic design for each hachana, packet, etc… Thank you so much for everything, I really grew in my chassidishkeit this year…

Also just one thing you should know – because of Achos, now every week on Shabbos afternoon I learn a Sicha with my mother. I am definitely getting better at learning Sichos, and it’s so enjoyable and inspiring! All because of Achos!”

-9th grader

“I really loved how even though I am not in Lubavitch school, I feel connected to the Rebbe and chassidus the whole year. The checklist helps me stay on track and farbrengens are always so inspirational… You definitely have the Rebbe’s brachos.

I hope that it gets bigger and bigger every year and continues to inspire many, many more girls.”

-9th grader

“Thanks so much! It really helped me grow in my chassidus and mitzvos. And it really helped me with hachana- without it I really wouldn’t know how to prepare. “

-12th grader

To hear more about Achos Online for schools/ groups, please reach out to us at [email protected] or 310-905-2150.

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