Achos Online Gearing Up for Another Fruitful Year

Achos Hatmimim Online, the teen program that infuses the joy and energy of Chassidus into the daily life of teen girls around the world, is gearing up for its 15th year.

As the new school year begins, and students settle into a new routine; Lubavitch high schools all over the world launch bnos chabad and achos programs.

Girls gain from extracurricular programs offered in school that provide the opportunity to grow in their own hiskashrus. The exciting hachanos and inspirational farbrengens make chassidishkeit come to life in a relatable way. The Achos checklists encourage the girls to constantly work on themselves to grow in Yiddishkeit and Chassidishkeit. Overall, these programs foster a true chayus to live the life of a chossid.

Well, what about those for whom attendance at a Lubavitch school isn’t an option? How to feel the kedusha of yomei depagra, and make it practical when the school setting doesn’t foster that connection? How to grow in Chassidishkeit without the above-mentioned programs that so many take for granted?

Enter Achos Online, an innovative program for girls in grades 7-12 specially designed to fill an often overlooked void in our community. The checklists and prizes motivate the girls to look at where they’re holding and strive to improve. Virtual farbrengens – taking place long before COVID hit – provide much-needed inspiration in their avoda as a bas chabad.

Yud Tes Kislev might be a regular school day with the usual kodesh and chol subjects, but Achos Online provides all that’s required to ensure that it’s not just a regular day; how can it be a regular day after having participated in a hachana for the past several weeks? Shabbos mevorchim tehillim reminders – not hanging in the school hallway, but in one’s personal inbox – make it a ‘thing’ when in a girl’s immediate surroundings it may not be. Packages sent out at various times throughout the year add excitement to the program and serve as a tangible motivation to grow.

Achos online meets the girls where they’re at and provides inspiration and programming accordingly.

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