Achei Tmimim Celebrates Chag HaSmicha

Rabbonim, families, and friends, gathered on Sunday to celebrate with the 35 musmachim of Achei Tmimim in Crown Heights, and to witness them receiving their smicha certificates.

Full of nachas and excitement, a crowd of over 200 joined together at Chovevei Torah to watch as a new cadre of young rabbis received their smicha. 

The bochurim of Achei Tmimim spent the past two years learning smicha, were regularly tested by their teachers, and were farhered by prominent rabbis such as Rabbi Shneur Zalman Yeruslavsky of Elad, Rabbi Zushe Winner – Rosh Yeshiva of Chovevei Torah, Rabbi Boruch Hertz of Chicago, and Rabbi Moshe Kesselman of Los Angeles.

At the Chag Hasmicha, the crowd heard from faculty, parents, and bochurim of Achei. Smicha maggidei shiurim Rabbi Shlomo Chaim Kesselman and Rabbi Peretz Kaplan opened the event by wishing the musmachim mazal tov and sharing divrei Torah; and Rabbi Yossi Paltiel, mashpia in Achei Tmimim, addressed the new rabbis charging them to commit to living up to what it means to have smicha.

Then, after premiering a new video all about the Achei Tmimim yeshiva, Rabbi Levi Tzukernik, Menahel of Achei Tmimim, spoke about the uniqueness of each of the musmachim, while Rabbi Kesselman and Rabbi Kaplan presented them their certificates, and they took pictures with their teachers and families.

The event closed with Ari Koenig, one of the Musmachim, reflecting on his time in Achei, and Rabbi Refael Leitner, one of the parents, presenting Rabbi Tzukernik and Rabbi Blau with gifts on behalf of the parent body.

WATCH: A short video about the Yeshiva

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