Accuracy, Even Regarding Moshiach

Even as the Rebbe spoke fervently about asking for Moshiach, he expected chassidim to use terminology that would accurately express their hope and desire.

In the spring of 5751 (1991), when the Rebbe spoke fervently about the necessity for Yidden to beseech Hashem to bring Moshiach, chassidim were aroused to do all they could in this regard.

Mrs. Tziporah Simpson and Mrs. Golda Miriam Gansburg, who headed the Mivtza Kashrus department of N’shei Chabad, decided to do their part. They arranged for an exhibit on kashrus to be displayed at various Brooklyn malls, complete with kosher cookbooks and explanatory literature. Now, with this new inspiration from the Rebbe, the hung a large sign over the exhibit with the words, “Longing for Moshiach will bring him here today!”

The organizers then sent a picture of the exhibit to the Rebbe.

The Rebbe received the picture and returned it a note with an instruction that the wording on the sign should be changed. The word “today” should be replaced with “sooner.”

(Picture and handwritten note printed in Simpson Teshurah, Elul 5771)

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