Abundance of New and Reprinted Titles at Kehos

Watch: Rabbi Moshe Markel of Kehos showcases some of the many new and republished titles that are now available in Kehos in honor of Hey Teves.

An abundance of new and reprinted titles were published by Kehos in honor of Hey Teves, and are now available for purchase.

Among the new seforim are a reprint of the entire Toras Shmuel, including 3 new volumes: 5630 volumes 1 and 2, and 5634 volume 2. In addition, Drushei Chausna and 5635 volume 2 are new editions.

Other new books include 3 new books from the Mitteler Rebbe: A new edition of ‘Derech Chaim‘, a fully redone ‘Piskei Dinim Admur Hoemtzoee‘ with new editions published for the first time, and ‘Mafteiach Sifrei Maamorei Udrushei Admur Haemtzoee Udfuseihem‘ – an all new work cataloging and indexing the massive output of the Mitteler Rebbe.

A number of ongoing series published new volumes, including ‘Maamarei Admur HaTzemach Tzedek Hanachos’ volume 3, and volumes 4 and 6 of ‘Shulchan Oruch Hilchot Shabbat Im Biur Divrei Shalom’ – Rabbi Berel Levine’s commentary on the Alter Rebbe’s Shulchan Aruch.

Additional new books: ‘Thoughtstreams’ by Mrs. Sara Blau, ‘Why G-d Why’ by Rabbi Gershon Shusterman, ‘People of the Word’ by Rabbis Mendel Kalmenson and Zalman Abraham, Daily Wisdom Volume 3 – completing the series, Sefer Piskei HaRav Al Hilchos Milah, and others.

Check them all out on Kehot.com!

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