A Yeshiva Whose Light Shines Across the Globe

For decades, the Brunoy Yeshiva has been sharing the fire of Chassidus with thousands of Bochurim. The light now shines through them, as they illuminate their respective corners of the world. Join them in their mission to be a light!

Established in the aftermath of World War II, the Brunoy Yeshiva served as a beacon of hope and guidance to a generation that was aching from the trauma and loss that the war brought upon the Jewish people.

The light has continued to grow and flourish, and the Yeshiva has grown to hundreds of Talmidim who hail from every corner of the world!

Every single day, the expert Mechanchim and Mashpiim give over the body and soul of Chassidus to their eager students. They teach with the texts, and they lead by example, showing them how a Chossid lives and conducts himself.

The Yeshiva’s thousands of alumni have all gone on to become Shluchim, Teachers and active community members; bringing this light with them and shining it wherever they go.

Now, you have the opportunity to become a torchbearer as well.

You can be a luminary.

You can spread this light.

Today, let us show up in support of the Brunoy Yeshiva.

You can win a dollar from the Rebbe or €18,000!

For more information and to take part visit: Yeshiva-Brunoy.com

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