A Year Since the Meron Tragedy – What is Our Response?

Take a glimpse behind the scenes of Machon Or HaChasidus’ latest project – 45 Flames. 45 Sifrei Chasidus Sales in honor of the 45 Kedoshim who perished last Lag Baomer in Meron.

Last year the Jewish world collectively mourned the unthinkable tragedy that took place in the holy city of Meron on the holy day of Lag Baomer.

Now, as we approach the first anniversary of this tragedy, here at Or HaChasidus we felt the need to take action in a big way, a way that would properly honor the neshamos of the 45 Kedoshim who perished.

But what could we do?

It had to be tremendous, it had to be meaningful, and it had to be a project that would unite the Jewish world.

And so the project of 45 Flames was born.

45 Flames is a revolutionary project that features the facilitation of 45 Sifrei Chasidus Sales in 45 different locations in the tri-state area throughout the week of Lag Baomer. 

Why Sell Chasidus?

The Rebbe pointed out, on many occasions, that when someone buys a Sefer Chassidus they are more likely to value it and learn from it as the acquisition requires their personal investment. 

This is why, although the Seforim are heavily subsidized, this Mivtza will be carried out in the form of Seforim Sales as opposed to free distribution.

The sales, which began this past Sunday,are taking place in neighborhoods that do not otherwise have Sifrei Chasidus in their stores and the seforim will be for sale at subsidized prices, making the ownership of Sifrei Chasidus accessible to all.

The Chasidus Mobile, the hi-tech Seforim shop on wheels will make its way through different neighborhoods, inviting residents to peruse its shelves and purchase any one of the dozens of Sifrei Chasidus or thousands of multimedia files that the Chasidus Mobile has to offer.

The light of Chasidus that will emanate from the thousands of Sifrei Chasidus that will be sold will be a tremendous Zchus to the neshamos of those who passed and a powerful tribute to the legacy of the Rashbi, whose yahrzeit we celebrate on Lag Baomer.

45 Flames is a project of Machon Or HaChasidus. To learn more contact [email protected]

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