A Woman, Her Courage, Our Future

Purim is the day that we celebrate Esther and her tremendous courage that led the nation from darkness to daylight. A woman who is connected to her neshama is limitless. Mikvah.org seeks to nurture that connection, every single day.

On Purim we celebrate the strength of Esther.

Her unyielding courage during challenging times is what led the nation to redemption.

Esther serves as one of the many role models of brave Jewish women whom we can learn from and emulate, inspiring change in our lives and in the lives of those around us.

The Rebbe mentioned, on many occasions, that just as the original redemption (out of Egypt) took place thanks to the merit of the righteous women, the ultimate redemption will come about thanks to the courage and commitment of the Jewish woman.

Mikvah.org is an organization that recognizes the power that a Jewish woman possesses and seeks to nurture her soul by helping her fulfill one of the most precious mitzvos that has been entrusted to women. Mikvah.

Through many innovative, informative and sophisticated mediums, Mikvah.org is on a mission to educate and inspire women around the world.

While many of their services center around the Mikvah experience, including their revolutionary app, My Mikvah Calendar, that helps women track their information and receive updates and reminders when necessary, Mikvah.org also offers guidance and classes that cover any time in a woman’s life that is connected to the mitzvah of Taharas HaMishpacha.

Additionally, throughout the duration of the COVID pandemic, Mikvah.org has been a tremendous resource to mikvahs around the world as they attempt to keep up with ever-changing regulations and restrictions.

Mikvah.org has been changing the face of Mikvah observance for nearly a half a century.

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