A Whole New Year of Project Melukat

Coming from the week of Rashbi and R’ Akiva – we look to reach new heights in Pnimius HaTorah: Join Project Melukat’s initiative to complete an entire Sefer of Melukat by Yud-Tes Kislev!

This week we celebrated Lag B’Omer: commemorating Rashbi on the day of his histalkus. On that day, Rashbi said that while his whole life he had been connected to Hashem, only on this last day did he finally become totally one with Him.

In this week’s Weekly Maamar Posach Rabi Shimon 5734, the Rebbe analyzes the different levels discussed in depth. He concludes that although what Ras\hbi is describing is an incredibly lofty level, he gave every single Jew the ability to also experience this total unity with the Torah and the Giver of the Torah – especially when learning pnimius haTorah, Chassidus.

To help make Chassidus an even greater part of our lives, Project Melukat makes it possible for anyone to finish an entire Sefer of the Rebbe’s Sefer HaMaamarim Melukat!

Project Melukat’s upcoming learning schedule will be going through Chelek Gimmel at a rate of one Maamar a week, to complete the entire Sefer by Yud Tes Kislev — the Rosh Hashana for Chassidus.


This Project is dedicated in loving memory of Rabbi Akiva Wagner a”h.

As the Rebbe writes in this Maamar, every yid has the ability to achieve some semblance of the unity that the Rashbi achieved with Hashem, especially on his last day in this world. This was clearly expressed in Rabbi Wagner’s life. His overwhelming hiskashrus to the Rebbe was obvious in every facet of his life. As described in the Maamar, it permeated every level; not only learning Chassidus and farbrengens, but also in his ibergegebenkeit to sharing with his talmidim the proper love for learning nigle, as well as in exemplary avodas haTefilah. His final years, living with tremendous pain and suffering and yet using every opportunity to use even that as a way to inspire others to Chassidishkeit, to greater care in brochos, to connection with Hashem, served as an even higher lesson to all who knew him.

Rabbi Wagner koched more than anything else in the Rebbe’s mugah’dike maamorim, contained in Sefer HaMaamarim Melukat. As we just marked his birthday and yahrtzeit this week, there could be no better time to join Project Melukat in his zechus.


Project Melukat arranges for many new shiurim to be recorded for each week’s Weekly Maamar, and our team invests significant time and effort in gathering existing resources at a central easy-to-use online location, here.

To join this initiative, please visit ProjectMeluket.org/join-mivtza.

If you have any questions or would like to give a shiur or contribute in any other way, please contact us at ProjectMeluket.org/contact.

To join a WhatsApp group to receive updates and Shiurim as they come out, click here.

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