Whirlwind of End-of-Year Events at Ateres Chaya Mushka

It has been an exhilarating last few weeks at Ateres Chaya Mushka! Events and trips for each grade left the end of the school year on a high note! The year ended with ceremonies for their graduating and preschool classes

Before Shavous, the first graders celebrated at their joyful Chumash party, singing songs about their love for Torah in anticipation of Kabalos HaTorah and their role as its guarantors.

Next, a magnificent evening dedicated to appreciating the hardworking teachers was made even more special with an art painting workshop led by staff member, Mrs. Kokin.

Students were also treated to a school-wide trip to the Liberty Science Center. The highlights of the visit were the Infinity Climber, a captivating suspended climbing play space, and the Great Train Set, an intricate model railroad system depicting the wonders of train travel in the early 1950s. The students were careful to make a Kiddush Hashem and be true representatives of Bnos Chabad among all the other visiting children.

Ateres Chaya Mushka’s graduating class had an action-packed day filled with various activities, including kayaking, painting, bowling, and an exciting escape room challenge! The students were generously hosted by the Shluchim of Stamford, Connecticut.

Grades 2-6 had their moment to shine during a special evening event. In honor of Parshas Shelach, the girls took immense pride in performing dances and skits to their smiling mothers. Each girl had prepared a poster board showcasing one of the Mitzvos of the Parsha! The event concluded with a grand Challah Bake Cake, in which many women had the privilege of participating in Hafroshas Challah.

After a restful Shabbos, the 8th-grade students returned to school for their graduation ceremony, which featured a captivating dance performance and a heartfelt film produced by the students themselves. It was an incredibly special and touching event for all.

On Sunday, the students appreciated visiting the Ohel and writing a pan in Hachana of Gimmel Tammuz.

Last but certainly not least, the moving preschool graduation. Witnessing the gleaming eyes of young girls who have developed a love for Hashem and a passion for learning about Yiddishkeit is truly precious!

Ateres Chaya Mushka would like to express their deepest appreciation to all of their incredible teachers and staff for their dedicated efforts in organizing these extraordinary events. Without their invaluable contributions, none of this would have been possible.

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  1. Thank you Ateres Chaya Mushka for providing our daughters a place where they can thrive in their learning and develop a passion for Yiddishkeit!

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