The Rebbe’s Soldier, A True Chayal

44 years ago, today, the murder of Avremi Goldman hy”d shook the Crown Heights community to its core. Following the tragedy, Rabbi Eli a”h and Leah Lipsker began the Chasdei Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund. Today, on his yahrzeit they are raising funds to continue their mission.

Sunday, June 13 thru June 16, Chasdei Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund will launch a 4 day campaign to supercharge the chayis and send even more kids to camp this summer.

“Whether it be for two weeks, a month, or two months, a child will derive more positive benefit and more good will be accomplished than in the whole months of the previous school year”
-the Rebbe

The Chasdei Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund was born in the wake of a tragedy. A heinous and shocking crime. The victim, Avremi, was a special person, whose greatest joy came from interacting with children and sharing his excitement for Yiddishkeit.

Under the Rebbe’s direction, the grief and anguish were transformed into achdus and opportunity. The first year, the Rebbe gave 18 one-dollar bills to establish the fund. These were utilized to raise money and send children to camp. In each subsequent year, the Rebbe contributed toward the Camp Fund, and often gave words of blessing and encouragement.

In the years since its inception, Chasdei Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund has relentlessly endeavored to bring, continually, more simcha to everyday life, by sending even more children to camp.

For 44 years, the Camp Fund has stood as a celebration of life, yiddishkeit and ahavas yisroel. The Camp Fund helps orphans, children raised with single parents and families undergoing financial stress. The children who benefit gain more than a wonderful summer experience. The effects of camp live on throughout the year, bolstering their self-confidence and increasing their love and excitement toward Yiddishkeit; a fitting tribute to Avremi.

Thank G-d, the fund has helped 2000 families and send more than 7,900 kids to over 30 camps since it’s inception.

From New York State to Australia, the impact of the Camp Fund is undeniable. Now more than ever, children need a respite full of kedushah and simcha. Songs that rouse the soul by the campfire. Clean air purified with words of Torah. With your help that number will continue to increase and benefit the entire community.

On Sunday, June 13 thru June 16, Chasdei Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund will be kicking off a 4-day campaign to raise $100,000.

The need is real, the benefits are outstanding. You can be the person who can help change a life and honor another.

To join with the Chasdei Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund community and supercharge the chayus, please visit

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