A Pot Of Soup, A Lit Fire, and A Life Of Kabalos Ol 

Day in, day out, we parents set out to nourish our children as the Rebbe’s Chassidim. But how do we create the warmth that transforms them into proud, devoted Yidden who live a Torah life?

By Kesem Mia Hetsrony

To make a nourishing soup, you purchase loads of fresh vegetables, and then take the time to carefully wash, peel, and chop each one. You then place everything in a big pot covered with water and leave it on the stovetop to cook for a while. 

Imagine the immense disappointment of returning to the kitchen and realizing that despite all your hard work, there is still no soup. Instead, there are quality raw ingredients sitting in a pot of cold water. 

The stove had not been turned on!

Day in, day out, we parents set out to nourish our children as the Rebbe’s Chassidim. We invest in educational “ingredients”, carefully selecting learning approaches, activities, books, and experiences. We enroll our children in wonderful schools, filled with Torah and Chassidishe values.

But how do we turn the fire on? How do we create the warmth that transforms our beloved children into proud, capable, and devoted Yidden who live a Torah life of Kabbolas Ol?

There’s actually a clear-cut recipe for success! 

With unwavering conviction, I assure you it is the BEST way to educate our youth.

Because it’s the Rebbe’s way. 

As the Rebbe himself states:

“I thought long and hard about finding a way of inducing an American child to get used to the idea of subordination to a higher authority, despite all the influence to the contrary—in the school, in the street, and even at home….Thus… Tzivos Hashem was instituted.” (The full eye-opening letter can be found here)

When it comes to the fire of Chinuch, the Rebbe has given us far more than just the match. He’s given us a way of life that simultaneously empowers and uplifts our children while inculcating Kabbolas Ol and respect for authority.

Tzivos Hashem is not child’s play. It’s the Rebbe’s clear directions on how to build the foundation of Jewish life in each of us.

Baruch Hashem as a mother, a long-time teacher, and a Base Commander, I see firsthand the transformative and powerful role of Tzivos Hashem in our children’s lives.

If the Rebbe thought “long and hard” on the creation of Tzivos Hashem, what efforts are we making to help it flourish in our own homes, schools, and communities?

How are you growing Hashem’s army?

Right now, Tzivos Hashem is running their yearly fundraising campaign. Together let’s show our support! www.grownthearmy.com 

Because as the Rebbe’s Chassidim it’s clear: Chassidishe Chinuch means Tzivos Hashem.


Kesem Mia Hetsrony

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