A Nonconformist Approach to a Chassidishe Education 

Cheder Chabad Florida has built a unique school environment, incorporating progressive educational methods without compromising on Chassidish values. 

Cheder Chabad Florida has built a unique school environment, incorporating progressive educational methods without compromising on Chassidish values. 

Finishing its third year, Cheder Chabad Florida has already established itself as a trailblazer in the world of education amongst Anash. The future of schooling in our communities and the need for innovation and growth have long been discussed between parents and around Shabbos tables and across the world. The founders of Cheder Chabad saw a void that needed to be filled and decided to do something about it. 

In 2019 the foundation was set for a school that would meet the academic, emotional, and spiritual needs of its students. The Mosed has seen unprecedented growth, catapulting from 36 students in its first year to 230 students enrolled today. Their philosophy of incorporating progressive educational methods while simultaneously imbibing a deep connection and love for Limud and Darchei Hachassidus has proven to be a major attraction for families in South Florida.

Keeping up with its student-body boom, the school has also attracted a new wave of talented teachers who are equally passionate about Chinuch. Cheder Chabad was established with the belief that Chinuch is of utmost importance for this generation. They have set a high standard for hiring people who are knowledgeable and practiced in new methods of education without compromising on Chassidishkiet. The staff work as a team to impart a strong connection to Yiddishkeit, Chassidishkiet, and our Rebbe, within each student. The results are felt in the classrooms and hallways, where a real sense of vitality, joy, and Kedusha come alive.

The leadership is equally passionate about treating their staff and the parents with the utmost respect. “There is an obvious difference between how Mosdos who cater to non-frum crowds treat their staff and community, compared to how it’s been done in Chabad circles over the years”, says Chaya, adding, “it’s really important to us to give time, energy, a listening ear and an open heart to every person who is part of this school.” The attention and care shown to the teachers are unparalleled. From the smallest detail to the crucial need for personal support, the teachers are empowered to succeed in every way. 

Cheder Chabad has raised the bar for education amongst Anash. From day one, the school and its staff have found a way to empower, inspire and educate the next generation of Chassidim. 

This might just be the Cheder we’ve all been waiting for. 

Today, you can be a part of something special, as Cheder Chabad is hosting a bold fundraising initiative, Chederalive.com.

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