A Nightly Stroll at 2 AM

When the Rebbe lived in Paris, he would leave his home every night at 2 am and walk a long distance so that local Jews would eat Pas Yisroel.

Although pas palter, kosher bread baked by a non-Jewish bakery, can be permitted halachically, in accordance with the Arizal one should be stringent. In a yechidus with HaRav Yeruslavski of Nachlas Har Chabad, the Rebbe said, “Chassidim are very particular with pas Yisroel and chalav Yisroel!”

On another occasion, the Rebbe explained at a farbrengen that gentile bread represents worldly pleasures, and one seeking to rise above materialism should start with being particular about pas Yisroel.

During the Rebbe’s years in Paris, there was a time when there was no pas Yisroel bread available for the local Yidden.

Once the Rebbe heard this, the Rebbe immediately took action. Since there was no public transportation at night, despite the distance, the Rebbe made his way to a bakery by foot. At the bakery, the Rebbe lit the fire and threw in a piece of wood.

This then became a nightly 2:00 am bakery visit, thus providing Parisian Jewry with pas Yisroel bread.

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From The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash

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