A Night TWO Shine! Don’t Miss It

The Tenathon 2 will be streaming live this Sunday! Learn more about the show stopping lineup of entertainers and singers who will take the stage in the greatest night in Jewish entertainment!

Last year’s Tenathon was utterly exhilarating.

Watch some of the evening’s highlights below:

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When something is just so good, you are not satisfied with only one. 

Tenathon 2 is coming up, and the production will absolutely astound you. 

The line-up is unprecedented and unmatched, featuring the greatest talent that Jewish music has to offer. The Tenathon 2 will feature: Avraham Fried, Yaakov Shwekey, Benny Friedman, and Lipa Shmeltzer. 

The energy will be absolutely electric and the joyous medleys will bring you to your feet, even though you may be in your living room, many miles away.

The magical blend of live performance and stunning media presentations will be a match made in heaven brought to life on the stages of the Tenathon in a breathtaking display of the finest entertainment that the Jewish world has to offer. 

The lucky winners of the Ten Yad Auction will be drawn live, throughout the evening, right from the Tenathon stage.

For the next 24 hours – Double Your Chances at winning one of our breathtaking prizes!

Buy your tickets today to take advantage of this amazing deal, and enjoy the show without worrying about it, knowing you’ve secured your chance to win! 

Join us live, this Sunday, October 17 at 6:30 pm for The Tenathon 2 to experience a night of music, meaning and celebration, all for a great cause. 

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