A Night of Hope and Inspiration: Unforgettable Bonei Olam Event

Hundreds gathered at the Arches last night in an extraordinary show of support for Bonei Olam Chabad, launching their annual fundraiser, with the goal of raising $1.3 million to create miracles.

The venue was alive with incredible anticipation and energy as men of all ages joined in unity for an event that would impact each of them. The room was packed to the brim with a sea of smiling faces, all united by the shared purpose of supporting an incredible cause. The food was abundant and delicious, the drinks flowing and the energy palpable. 

As the event unfolded, a beautiful atmosphere of achdus, hope and gratitude enveloped the room, setting the stage for an evening that would be etched in the memories of everyone present. Yet, among the many heartfelt moments, one stood out – the moment Yossi Katzman took to the stage.

Silence descended upon the room as Yossi shared his deeply personal story of his battle with fertility and his heartfelt dream of one day standing on the same stage with his baby in his arm. The crowd was openly moved as they listened to his journey, determined to help make his dream of parenthood come true.

Rabbi Bochner stepped forward to give Yossi a Rebbe dollar along with tefilos and brachos that he should be blessed with a healthy child. Rabbi Bochner promised to be there for the Katzmans in every way possible until they IYH have a baby. The promise of unwavering support from Rabbi Bochner reminded everyone in the room of the power and impact of Bonei Olam.

The evening kicked off the annual fundraiser for Bonei Olam Chabad with the goal of raising $1.3 million to help couples achieve their dream of parenthood. Moved by the evening, participants raised just under $400,000 at the event. Be a part of the miracle and donate now at boneiolam.org/chabad.

Amidst the tears of joy and hope, Rabbi Bochner addressed the audience, expressing profound gratitude to the many supporters of Bonei Olam in Crown Heights. Their generosity paved the way for the organization to extend its helping hand even further, providing couples like Yossi and many others the means to seek the treatments they so desperately needed.

The event was masterfully hosted by the dynamic duo of Chony Milecki and Shmuel Wagner. Shmuel, who experienced his own emotional journey to fatherhood with the help of Bonei Olam, shared his story, inspiring everyone present to appreciate the importance of every dollar donated to Bonei Olam.

The night’s highlight was the legendary Mordechai Ben David, whose soulful melodies filled the room. Surprise kumzitz sessions with Eli Marcus after a beautiful duet with Gavi Greenbaum added to the incredible evening.

The heartfelt stories, soul-stirring melodies, beautiful atmosphere, and overwhelming support from the attendees made it an unforgettable experience. Every person present was inspired and eager to contribute to this incredible cause and make a tangible difference in the lives of those who dream of parenthood. 

To donate to Bonei Olam Chabad and turn a couple’s greatest hope into our community’s future, donate now at boneiolam.org/chabad.

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