A Million Lights – A Project for the Ages

Likras Shabbos pamphlets are distributed every single week to over 3,000 shuls, yeshivas and community centers around the world. This year, they are taking things to the next level with their upcoming project, A Million Lights.

The wellsprings of Chassidus are rich, refreshing, and the remedy for a thirsting soul. 

Moshiach cannot come until they have been spread far and wide. ‘Lchsheyafutzu Maayanosecha Chutza’.

For the past 16 years , Or HaChassidus has been connecting the people to their wellspring by making Chassidus available for all those who wish to learn it. Their signature publication is Likras Shabbos. Likras Shabbos is a booklet that contains insights on the weekly parsha as explained according to the Rebbe’s Sichos.

Tens of thousands of copies of Likras Shabbos are distributed every single week to thousands of shuls, yeshivas and community centers around the world.

Yeshiva bachurim, Kollel Avreichim, and businessmen alike all enjoy the depth and inspiration that the publication brings to their Shabbos, and the lasting positive effect that it has on the rest of their week.

This year, Likras Shabbos is on a mission to bring the teachings of Chassidus even farther and wider than ever before.

Their upcoming project: A Million Lights, will see at least 1,000,000 pamphlets printed throughout the year, a tremendous increase from the previous years.

Consider becoming a partner in the attempt to fulfill the Rebbe’s directive to spread and teach Chassidus everywhere that we can by sponsoring a week, a month, or a column in the Likras Shabbos this year.

As an added incentive, every donation of $36 will automatically enter you into a raffle to win a dollar of the Rebbe for everyone in your immediate family.

It’s a priceless deal, one too good to pass up on!

For more information and to take part in this incredible raffle visit: Millionlights.net

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