A Maamar Should be Short and Simple

A Moment with the Rebbe: In encouraging chassidim to repeat maamorim, the Rebbe made it clear that they should choose ones that are simple, relatable, and short.

From the beginning of the nesius, the Rebbe urged chassidim to deliver maamarei Chassidus in public on Shabbos. However, the Rebbe emphasized that the Chassidus should be tailored to the audience.

In the winter of 5712 (1952), the Rebbe spoke to a group of bochurim regarding spreading Chassidus. “Word has reached me that bochurim are delivering difficult maamarim. It is imperative that the maamarim be properly understood, with human intellect – also in the minds of the balebatim sitting at the table in these shuls.”

The Rebbe advised, “The mashpi’im should direct the bochurim which maamarim are appropriate to recite in shuls. And also, the mashpi’im should examine the way they are being delivered.” (Toras Menachem Vol. 4, Page 238)

In a 5727 (1967) yechidus, the Rebbe told a chossid, “You should choose maamarim that are understood and appropriate for most of the people sitting around the table. This also means time-wise – they shouldn’t be too long.” (Heichal Menachem Vol. 3, page 256)

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